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  • H-beam automatic line

    Welding line for H-profile steel is a wonderful technical product that integrates mechanical, electric, and pneumatic technologies. The machine, using advanced technology of single-arc double-wire welding, greatly increases the product efficiency. It consists of welding machine, position fixing machine and conveyer.

    After fixing the position for the web and two flanges of H-profile steel, the welding machine can automatically localize, clamp, adjust, weld, transport until finishing the all work. The automatic mode of this line greatly lowers the cost of manufacture. JH-150 welding line for H-profile steel consists of position fixing machine, welding machine, 45m conveyer. It is applicable in volume-produce of H-profile steels. We are the best steel structure company in Bangladesh.

    2. Characteristics of the line

    A. Advanced welding line

    Welding line designed by our company which is used to produce H-profile product specially. This line is applied single-are double-wire welding technology. The welding machine is DC-1000 Lincoln welding machine which is an international famous brand, and the control system for feeding welding wire is NA-5 style Lincoln. All the system is operated by hydraulic oil. The control system is Mitsubishi PLC, which made the line work automatically. The length of H-profile product made by this line is 2-15 meters.

    B. Ascendant performance

    H-profile welding line is not only easy to be operated, but also it has high automatic and low distortion performance. At the same time, it has reasonable structure, so there is no adjusting trouble when doing different size H-beam product. There is little heat radiance because of using immersed is welding, so there is no bad effect to the operator. It has long life and high stability performance, and easy to be maintained and be managed.

    C. Special welding agent and welding wire store system

    You can use the recycle pipe to absorb the welding agent into the store thank if want to add welding agent, or put the welding agent in to the store tank directly after opening the cover of the tank. When in busy working conditions, use the recycle pipe to absorb the welding agent into the store tank directly, which saves work time, lightens the work intensity, improve the work efficiency. The store tank for welding agent is big enough to be used several days when you make it full, so there is no trouble of adding welding agent.We provide the best steel structure company in Bangladesh.

    3. Position fixing station

    A. The position fixing station is used to transport the steel plate according to requirement and position fixed them to be H profile, and it can adjust the position of web and flanges slightly keeping the H-profile unchanged. The all operation steps are finished through control panel.

    B. Main parameters

    B1. Operation height: about 750mm
    B2. Dimension of conveyor: about 2000×15000 mm
    B3. Dimension of main frame: about 1000×3500 mm
    B4. Hydraulic motor power: about 5.5 KW
    B5. Power requirement: AC415V, 3P, 50Hz

    C. Components of this station

    C1. Main frame
    C2. Conveyers
    C3. Hydraulic station

    D. Working flow

    Put the flange plate on the conveyor→oil vat for turning the flange plate→ upright the two flanges→oil vat for turning flange plate reposition→oil vat for lifting work→flange plate lifting→put the web plate on the conveyor→oil vat for lifting descend→web plate and two flange plates on the conveyor→adjust them as requirement→spot weld the head of three plate and let them to be H-profile.

    4. Main welding line

    A. Brief introduction

    Main welder is America Lincoln welding machine, adopt welding technology of single-side double- wire are welding. It has high automatic and easy to be operated and welding even performance.

    B. Main parameter

    B1. Web height-250-1500mm
    B2. Web thickness-3-12mm
    B3. Flange width-150-500mm
    B4. Flange thickness-5-25mm
    B5. Length suitable workpiece-2000-15000mm
    B6. Max. Weight of workpiece-4000kg
    B7. Variable cross-section angle- ≤150
    B8. Total power-35.5KW+90KVAx2
    B9. Electric power-415V 3Ph 50HZ

    C. Components

    C1. Conveyer
    C2. Clamping equipment
    C3. Main frame
    C4. Welder 1 set
    C5. Shoulder withdraw equipment 1 set

    5. Working flow

    6. The layout of the line