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  • EPS Sandwich Panel Production Line

    1. This line adopts advanced technology integrating pneumatic, electric and mechanical technology.
    2. It is controlled by computer, display Chinese/English language. People can very easy operate it.
    3. The line speed is very stable because it’s infinitely variable speed.
    4. The length of final sandwich panel can be controlled by the computer system, based on user’s requirements.
    5. The computer system has precise orientation with timed display on the touch screen. And it has the ability of automatic counting and correction.
    6. This line deploy roll forming machine for the roof and wall panel, can produce different profiles of the panel.

    Composing of production line

    1. Un-coiler (passive)
    2. Roll forming
    3. Liquid glue mixing and scraping device for foaming
    4. Main frame-laminating in the machine(rubber roller structure)heating device,
    5. Sandwich panel automatically cutter-band saw
    6. Transferring rack
    7. Electric control system
    1. Un-coiler feeding frame without power unit
    2. Corrugated forming unit, single board computer cutting unit, PLC touch screen control system. (System with 1 and 2, long: 11M and wide: 1.6M)
    3. EPS (bubble) edge and transport units (long: 6M and wide: 2.2M)
    4. S male female mouth forming unit (long: 9M and wide: 2.2M)
    5. Glue, double-frequency two motor units with glue.
    6. Upper and lower plate and middle EPS (bubble composite unit (long: 8M and wide: 2.2M)
    7. Linkage control and frequency conversion control system.
    8. Sandwich panel automatically cutter-band saw (long: 4M and wide: 2.5M)
    9. Sectional finished product delivery table (long: 9M and wide: 1.0M)
    10. Products thickness: 50 – 280mm.
    11. Production speed: 0 – 8m/min.
    12. Total power production line: 44kw.
    13. Production line total weight: about 18T.