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    Nourin Engineering Ltd. is a company of Steel & Civil Building fabricator, Importer & Supplier, & also on Steel Manufacturer Company in Bangladesh. Nourin Engineering Ltd. incorporates in Bangladesh in response to the increasing demandfor quality Pre-Engineered Steel building especially in the industrial sector. Nourin Engineering Ltd. designing Pre-Engineered Steel Building by conforming the standard, codes to modern technology with a motto of Let’s Build The Future. Our aims to be recognized as the leading one stop total solution provider in the field of steel buildings. We believe that by providing state of the art and technology. Industry leading expertise and high quality support services we will not only sustain our leadership in pre-engineered steel building construction business in Bangladesh but will reach even newer heights of professional excellence, customer satisfaction, trouble free construction, accurate fit of components are priorities of Nourin Engineering Ltd. regardless of the complexity of the project thus resulting in reduced on site erection cost in items of time and money.

    We would like to introduce ourselves as one of the largest company in Bangladesh. We design, develop erect; fabricate industrial, commercial & residential buildings by steel structure & RCC works etc. NOURIN ENGINEERING LTD. (NEL) also has focused on becoming a leader in the Pre-fabrication Steel Building, air management, ventilation system & warehouse racking system in industrial sector since its founding in 2006. We have been hearing continuous cries for knowledgeable and competent professionals to support. It has been the aim of the NEL to apply its vast experience and intelligence to keep pace with advancing technologies to provide these levels of support. As a full civil works contractor NEL employees a crew of in-house trained and experienced professionals covering a wide range of civil expertise. Below are some of the operational features for your kind information which NEL does.

    Our Mission

    Our mission is to provide superior customer value by delivering high quality satisfaction to our valued clients. 

    Our Vision

    To sustain the leadership in Pre-Engineered Steel Building in Bangladesh and upgrade the industry through our state of the art of technology in the industrial leading expertise, high quality support and professional services. 

    Nourin Engineering Ltd. (NEL) was established on 10th September of 2006 with the Slogan of “Let’s Build The Future”. In the beginning, It was a Proprietorship business where we design, develop, erect and fabricated industrial commercial and residential buildings by Steel Structure from.

    Our vision is earning business goodwill with honesty & hard work. But the real scenario of Bangladesh is not a bed of roses for rising businesses. We always try to give our customers clear layout structural design in 2D & 3D and materials specification in details. Specially, we tried our best to do our job within work schedule. We believe that, it is our moral responsibility to serve customers within schedule. We used to give our service in economic price. We aren’t doing business only, we also working for developing economic growth of Bangladesh. From beginning we work to be number one company NEL in the field of Steel Building. By this way we became a Limited Company in 2017. Now NEL has working in association with many well-known Companies in various projects. In 2018, NEL enlisted in E-GP (Electronic Govt. Procurement).
    At the moment we concerning maintaining standard work and customers demand we spend our business is area it is added that in order to expand our working area we introduced Industrial Rack Turbo Fan and Cable Tray as well. At the same time we also introduce Auto Beam Fabrication Machine line, Auto Welding, Magnetic Drilling Machine, Auto Cutting, and Bending Machine.
    Nourin Engineering Limited (NEL) always try to create a worker friendly working place because NEL believes that workers at the soul of a company. In Bangladesh, NEL is the first company who trying to established a Green factory area of 10,000 Sqft at 75, Sonargaon Road, Madda Para, Near Merchant Gate, Pagar, Tongi, Gazipur. NEL has about Hundred Employees where we have Civil Engineer, Electrical Engineer, Mechanical Engineer, Office Executive and rests are brilliant workers. We have computerized advanced and effective Business Administrative, Accounting and Bookkeeping capabilities too.
    Though, there are lots of problems in the field of work but there also lots of possibilities too. If Bangladesh Government responsible Institutes and responsible Officers are spread their hands together then one day NEL will become a global company in the field of Steel Building.

    Thanking You,

    Engr. Anawar Hossain
    Managing Director
    Nourin Engineering Limited

    Engr. Anawar Hossain
    Managing Director

    What We Do?

    Nourin Engineering Ltd. do Design, Supply, Maintenance,  Erection& Service. We provide H-Beam, Column, Rafter, Brackets, Purlin, Anchor Bolts, Crane Runway Beams, Bracings, Aluminium Roofing Sheet (Trapezoidal Troughed Sheet, Circular, Corrugated & Tiled), Sheets & Plates (Aluminium, SS, MS, GP & BP), Fire & Ventilation Equipment, Machineries (Agricultural, Textile & Tea), Boilers & Tin.

    • We have quality controlled-Auto beam fabrication machine and Auto welding machine.
    • Experienced and responsive dispatching communication center and in-house customer service department.
    • Comprehensive employee technical training and support programs.
    • Old and new civil technologies.
    • Computerized, advanced and effective business administrative, accounting and bookkeeping capabilities.
    • Extensive customer base, excellent customer satisfaction and impressive references.
    • Our quality team always works for maintaining quality and economic cost.

    We have a 24 hour customer service and a user-friendly website: www.nelpeb.com.bd  to reach us easily. Please feel free to contact myself or any of our staffs should a need arise. May I personally thank you for your patronage in the past, and look forward to serve you again in the future.


    Company Name
    Brand Name
    Let’s Build The Future
    TIN No.
    BIN No.
    Joint stock No.
    IRC No 082962
    Incorporation No.

    Investment Corporation No.
    Company Established
    Nature of business
    Design, Development, Erection & Fabrication of Industrial, Commercial & esidential Building.
    Factory Area
    10,000 Sq. Ft
    Corporate Office Address
    87, BNS Center,Level 8, Sector-7, Uttara, Dhaka-1230.
    Factory Address
    75, Sonargaon Road, Merchant Gate, Pagar, Tongi, Gazipur.


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