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  • Dry rack for screen print

    Screen drying racks are great for storing screens while they dry. They are especially useful for drying your coated screens, as they allow you to have your screens laying down flat so the emulsion does not run down towards one end. A nice, consistent layer of emulsion is key to a quality screen print and a screen rack is just what you need to achieve this. Remember to have the flat side facing down when drying coated screens.We provide the best aluminium structure company in Bangladesh.

    The main body of the drying rack is composed of three independent joinable parts, users can finish the whole rack by connecting the three parts with a bolt, there are two /three tilted supports which can be micro adjusted from front to back ,and they can make the main rack be more stable.

    According the request, users can change the quantity of layers and the height of each layer. This rack is total 50 layers, if you need to place a product with height over 2.5 cm, below 5 cm , you can remove some layers and connect the plastic pads with screws, then this rack can hold a thicker object. Equipped with 4 pcs universal wheel at the bottom of the rack; Arbitrary flexible steering, mute, wear-resisting.Let’s build the future! We are the best aluminium structure company in Bangladesh.
    Dry rack for screen print

    • Product Color: Blue Machine using material: steel plate Machine surface treatment: Electrostatic spraying

    • Machine size : 41x28x54 inch (104x72x136 cm)

    • Gridding size : 25.5″x 35.4″ (65x90cm) Normal interlayer spacing: 1″ (2.54cm) demount some layers will enlarge bolt interval

    • Package Size : 44″x31.4″x15.7″ (112x80x40 cm)

    • Gross Weight : 154Lb/ 70kg.