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  • Aluminium Roofing Sheets

    Our Aluminum Manufacturer Company in Bangladesh are preferred the Aluminium roofing sheets for industrial and residential applications. Available in a wide range of colors and profiles like circular corrugated, trapezoidal and tiled, our roofing sheets are aesthetically pleasing and of best-in-class quality. Our roofing sheets do not rust; have excellent thermal properties which keep interiors cool, have a high resale value and are 100% environment-friendly.

    Al-Mg-Mn alloy roof panel is a new type of roof panel. Al-Mg-Mn alloy has been widely used in the construction industry. It plays an important role in the development of modern architecture towards comfort, light, durability, economy and environmental protection. 3004/3005 Al-Mg-Mn alloy (AlMg1Mn1) is widely recognized as a roofing and exterior wall material with a service life of more than 50 years in architectural design because of its moderate structural strength, weatherproof, stain resistance and easy bending and welding processing. In response to the design of marine climate buildings, 5052 grade aluminum alloy with stronger corrosion resistance can be selected.

     Our Aluminum corrugated board, also known as corrugated aluminium board, profiled aluminium board, aluminium tile, etc., is a kind of corrugated plate formed by roll-pressing and cold-bending. It is suitable for industrial and civil buildings, warehouses, special buildings, roofs, walls and interior and exterior wall decoration of large-span steel structure houses. It has light weight, high strength, rich color and luster. The features of convenient and fast construction, earthquake resistance, fire prevention, rainproof, long service life and maintenance-free have been widely applied.We provide the best aluminium manufacturer in Bangladesh.Let’s build the future!


    Modern Troughed Sheets
    Modern Troughed Sheets
    Troughed Sheets
    Circular Corrugated Sheets
    Circular Corrugated Sheets
    Tiled Profile Sheets
    Tiled Profile Sheets


    1. Alloys: AA3003, AA3105 and AA8011
    2. b. Chemical Composition: As per relevant specifications
    3. Mechanical Composition: As per relevant specifications
    4. Thickness: Ranging from 0.38 mm to 1.2 mm
    5. Standard Length: Ranging from 1500 mm to 6500 mm.

               Customized length can be made available, subject to prior confirmation

           6. Finish:

               i. Plain Mill

              ii. Stucco-embossed

             iii. Color-coated


    • Roof-on-Roof
    • Direct Roofing
    • Plants & Manufacturing Facilities
    • Bus & Train Terminus
    • Airport & Sea Ports
    • Warehouses & parking Bays
    • Stadium
    • Plantation & Farms